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We write business strategies and help businesses maximise their customer and shareholder value, transform stakeholder experiences, become resilient, make informed decisions, and build the positive habits that drive success.

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From aspiring entrepreneurs to corporate executives, we are a catalyst of change to inform decisions, overcome obstacles, and seize opportunity.  Elevate your brand, enhance your competitive edge, and achieve business goals.

About Tomlin & Co.

We write strategies and inspire leaders to succeed, framing priorities, building teams and installing positive habits into the design, culture, behaviours, methods, and tools of organisations.  We create the narrative that shapes the future of business.


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“We make successful people more successful.  That’s not a science, it’s an art.  You don’t need to build the perfect business.  There are plenty of successful imperfect businesses.”

Ian C. Tomlin

Embrace neurodiversity in business

We are proud to be a founding partner of the UWI (Universal Workforce Institute), an social enterprise that promotes and empowers companies to embrace neuroinclusivity.



How to persuade your business audience

Honing your persuasion skills is vital in today’s competitive landscape. Understand your audience, set clear objectives, show proof, create a compelling narrative, use persuasive language, find your gravitas… and compel a favourable decision.

Creative team

How to inspire a creative working culture

Foster innovation and a creative culture by embracing a growth mindset, promoting collaboration, providing resources, and leading by example. A culture of creativity drives innovation, attracts top talent, and ensures long-term success in a changing business landscape.


A guide to levelling up your networking skills

Networking is a powerful tool for professional growth and business success. In this guide, learn to embrace networking as a vital part of your professional toolkit, capable of opening doors to remarkable achievements.

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