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Ian Tomlin’s books draw on his extensive experience and expertise, offering unique perspectives on entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation, and strategy. With practical frameworks, real-life examples, and inspiring stories, these books provide actionable guidance for navigating challenges and seizing opportunities.

Discover strategies to build resilience, foster high-performing teams, cultivate innovation, and drive meaningful change in your organisation.

Above And Beyond Conversational Marketing Book cover

Like This, Not This

Published June 2024

This book is about business ‘stuff’ and how you think about it.  Imagine building a pyramid of knowledge—your thoughts are the bricks. But some are stubborn, like those in a Jenga tower, refusing to budge even when the ground shifts. This book will tickle your grey matter and challenge those outdated ideas, urging you to replace them with fresh perspectives.

The author, witty and wise, uses philosophical musings to rejuvenate your enthusiasm for business, entrepreneurship, and even life itself. 

Above And Beyond Business Intelligence book cover

Forget Funnels Build Bridges

Published July 2023

This book is about the new rules of  marketing and sales success.  It explains the link between customer value and winning customers. Read it to learn about the tools and methods you will need to maximise customer value and grow your business.  Make customer value in all its forms the essence of your success. 

Growth Hacks book cover

9 Decisions to Sharpen Your Axe

Published December 2023

This book is about decisions—the important ones you need to make if you want your business to succeed.  It was Abraham Lincoln who said: “if I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first six hours sharpening my axe.’  Fail to make the decisions we cover in this book, ignore their importance, and your business could find itself in a perpetual ‘groundhog day loop.’   

Above And Beyond Conversational Marketing Book cover

The Business Bible 2.0

Published November 2023

This book is about business design and why it’s important not to leave it to chance. It explains the link between thoughtful organisational design and business agility.  Read it to learn about the tools and methods you will need to achieve a first-mover advantage in your market. Adapt to change faster than your rivals and operate at a lower operating cost to maximise the potential of your economic engine. 

Above And Beyond Business Intelligence book cover

How to Build Brand Envy

Published June 2023

This book is about how your business can build a brand that others envy and how the right approach to brand can become the cornerstone of success.  It explores the aspects of brand that matter most to business leaders—those who are not brand obsessives born of the marketing world but those who very much aware of its importance.  Discover how to design a brand that will fit your business, amplify it, and foster positive habits and values that your customers will buy into.

Above And Beyond Conversational Marketing Book cover

Don’t Make Them Think, Make Them Feel 

Coming soon!

This book is about the journey every business leader must make if they are to create a company culture that is healthy and contributes to the success of the enterprise.  There is plenty of evidence to suggest that workforce and customer engagement is key to business success.  It defines your brand values, your customer experience and fuels productivity.  But what are the ingredients to a healthy culture?  And how, as a leader, do you make it happen?

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Ian C. Tomlin’s Digital Leader Series of Books

Agilization: the CEO'S Guide to Agile Business book cover

Agilization: the CEO’s Guide to Agile Business

Published March 2007

Change is the only constant. This book helps you unlock the power of nimble decision-making, rapid adaptation, and customer-centricity. Gain practical insights to agilize your business processes, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth. By introducing Agilization into your business, you can embrace change, seize opportunities, and outpace the competition.
Cloud Coffee House: Cloud Social Networks and the Death of Old World Corporations book cover

Cloud Coffee House: Cloud Social Networks and the Death of Old World Corporations

Published June 2008

Written at the birth of the cloud computing era, through this book, discover how harnessing the cloud is likely to change society and business. Build your understanding of ;what might happen next’ in a society driven by online communities exerting their power on consumer market forces.

The Rise of Social Operating Systems book cover

The Rise of Social Operating Systems

Published October 2009

Written at the dawn of cloud computing, this book explores the transformative power of digital platforms in fostering collaboration, connectivity, and community.

Discover how the social operating systems design concept promises to revolutionise the way we work, communicate, and innovate. ‘Social Operating Systems’ paints a picture of what happens next in the digital age, written at the very beginning of it. 



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