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All those late nights. Was it worth it?

When you exit your business, you will want to maximise your valuation. There are three things you should do to maximise your valuation. Until we talk, we can’t tell you what they are.

This isn’t an accounting exercise, it’s a question of being a business your acquirer can’t live without.  We can help you to increase your valuation by helping you to get your business into shape.  We will advise you and your team on the three things you need to do in order to bounce your valuation.  

The challenge

In commerce today, companies don’t sell products, they sell outcomes.  In the context of a business sale, you are not selling your asset, you are solving a problem for the acquirer.  High-growth business leaders have little time to shape their strategy to make them ‘sale ready.’ 

There are three areas we focus on:


Business goal value

 To drill down on the reason why your acquirer wants to buy your business.

Market fit

To align your business model to the most profitable market audience and to establish customer value. Then, to make sure your business is only telling ONE story.


To demonstrate business health in all of its forms–financial, assets, knowledge, social, environmental, experiential, customer, community, and sales pipeline.

The solution

Our Bounce Panel team is made up of experienced business leaders and professionals.  Our experts have a track record in preparing companies for sale and maximising valuations.  We supply the necessary blend of skills needed to advice leadership teams preparing for exit.


Leadership & Strategy


Proposition & Storytelling

Why do you need a Bounce team?

The valuation of a business is not solely about an emotionless valuation calculation performed by a banking partner; it is a decision drive by multiple factors, not least what is in the mind of your acquirer?   The challenge is that it’s hard to allocate sufficient time to the subject of bouncing your valuation.  Even if you had the time, it’s not likely you have the know-how around the exec table to make it happen. 

Businesses buy other businesses for lots of reasons.  You will maximise your valuation if you have someone spending more time on the task of preparing your business for sale before you put it into the shop window for sale.  Our Bounce Panel is made up of people who have ‘walked the walk’ themselves in their careers.  Now semi-retired, these individuals remain connected with the markets you serve and can inject their knowledge into your strategy for a portion of the value gained by moving your valuation from point A to point B.

The network

A pre-vetted network of blue-chip suppliers that have committed to a co-creation Master Services Agreement (MSA) which means they are ready and willing to explore co-ideation and co-creation projects with your business.  To make the network function requires these building blocks

The Keiretsu

Pre-vetted companies with interlocking business relationships framed by a consistent MSA


Contora Network

A digital instant-on contracting framework that manages the end-to-end procurement and transactional lifecycle (blockchain/cloud)

Tier-0 Ecosystem

A digital ecosystem for providing seamless integration of candidate opportunities to fulfil external workforce needs to bring the right skills to bear on-demand

The benefits


Bring clarity to your exit strategy


Improve operational efficiency and EBITDA


Sell for a higher value


Gain access an experienced team with exit experience

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