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David Turner, Managing Partner, Helix Financial Partners

Ian has been pivotal in helping us strategise and develop our marketing plan.  We have found Ian to be energetic, extremely knowledgeable, and fully engaged in helping us to clearly define our vision and goals to drive the business forward.  Unlike other digital marketing companies we spoke to previously, Ian and his team constantly think outside of the box and have delivered solutions that will help us to stand out from our competitors in the industry.  Would happily recommend Newton Day!”

Bilal Itani, Founder & CEO, Modular 3D

We need to work with people who are passionate. We really like that Ian goes above and beyond to put himself in our shoes to really understand our needs.  He gives us a lot more motivation to work on our marketing.

Marc Laporte, Founder & CEO, Evoludata

I like the fact that Ian understands our world. A lot of the time he was saying what I was thinking but in a much better way. Working with Ian, it takes you out of your comfort zone, and helps you to think about things in a different way.

Michael Chambers, Chairman, AnswerPay

Our USP started out as our technology.  Now, thanks to Tomlin&CO,  it’s our presence in the industry. 

What are you looking to do?

Julian Graham-Rack

Founder & CEO, PrinSIX Ltd

We were looking for someone who would really challenge our thinking, take our deep understanding of the topic and make it more consumable and understandable to the broader market place.

I wanted someone who had a passion for my business and actually wanted to help me succeed as opposed to one of a portfolio of accounts. I’ve loved the energy and pace. I’ve just really enjoyed it. It’s just been fun. We’re all pointing in the same direction. We’re all trying to achieve the same thing.”

Sid (Soteris) Vasili

Founder and CEO, Invapay Ltd & HMSL Group Ltd

I have know Ian for over 10 years, during this time I have been very impressed with his enthusiasm, energy, and insights. We have partnered on several projects both home and abroad, Ian’s uncanny art of teasing out the “Real Issues” and “Future Requirements” along with his focus on exceeding the project expectations and driving out results through previously unthought of valuable outcomes is a joy to witness.

I very much look forward to partnering with Ian on future projects, and would thoroughly recommend Ian as a Strategy and Futurist Partner.

Michael Cleavely

Founder & CEO, CoComply Ltd

Ian is a fantastic marketing strategist with huge energy and passion for everything he turns his attention to. He will provide ideas, guidance, is a great sounding board and always tries to make himself available. 

His great strength is quickly learning and embedding himself in the subject matter to which he is applied, and working tirelessly to uncover the right approach. Then Ian and his team deliver work of the highest quality. I enjoy working with Ian, who has become a good friend, and will continue to do so.

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Katrina Garcia

Head of Quality Assurance, Talent4Health, Inc.

It’s a pleasure to work with Ian for several reasons.  He brings a unique method of innovation, motivation, and energy that motivates the room. Every project with him has been a success because of his direction.

Michael Byrnside

VP Sales, Simplify Workforce, Inc.

Getting the job done is something that many claim they can do, but very few actually end up accomplishing. In just a short time of knowing Ian, I realised that he was a person who would not only get the job done, but also inspire others to do the same. I’ve worked on several projects with Ian and have found that regardless the topic Ian is able to draw inspiration to tackle the task at hand and drive towards the goal.

I’d recommend Ian to anyone looking for an inspired and detail oriented marketing wiz.

Neil Palmer

Chief Product Security Officer, Canon Europe Ltd

I’ve worked closely with Ian in his previous role. He is a powerhouse of creativity with a robust work ethic totally willing and able to listen and learn from others to ensure the best outcome. His creativity would be an asset to any organisation.

Daniel Seris

Solutions Manager, Canon Europe Ltd

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ian in the last few years during my time with Canon-Europe. Ian is a talented team leader who gets things done through collaboration with colleagues in any department and hierarchy level. For me however, where Ian really stands out is in the way he sees and understands the business world: He knows how to distil the ‘customer value’ of businesses and use this knowledge to create innovative ways to help them sell more. 

More than once, I’ve experienced first-hand how he guides the team to constructs winning propositions that companies use to stand. I’d describe Ian as a pragmatic, strategic customer thinker that has a firm grasp of the application of enterprise computing and all the elements of B2B marketing. Every company in the world should have at least one ‘Ian’ on their board of directors, looking into new-better ways to approach customers.

James Lucier

Chief Revenue Officer, Primary Talent Partners

Ian is, in a word, brilliant – both as a strategist and hands-on practitioner. His talent for connecting marketing with sales, and enabling the tandem with technology, is nothing less than game-changing genius.

Ian has helped me transform a small, established firm into a global industry leader, and then do the same with a start-up. His secret to success is in helping you bring out the best that lies somewhere in what you already know and do – and turn it into a superpower! If you are looking to turn your ideas into profitable conversations with customers to build your business beyond what you can see today, then you absolutely must talk with Ian.

Keith Bloodworth

Founder & CEO, FormScape, Inc. & CNL Software

Ian is not the often met Gin & Tonic merchant, he is much closer to the ground, understanding issues, identifying ways to successfully promote product and brand, using technology instead of wasting cash, all round, a thinking persons market maker.

I can vouch for his tenacity, integrity and talent, he fully represents the “does what it says on the label” category. Highly recommended.

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Cesar Perez

Business Solutions Manager, Canon España S.A.

I have had the pleasure to work with Ian for a period of almost 10 years. He is able to dig into the future and design good business strategies to succeed.

Ian is always looking for new ways of seeing things. Empathetic he is able to get the most from others. Being inspirational is the key to his personality. What else to add, I could write a lot more lines but those are key and representative characteristics of Ian.

Paige Brach

Head of Learning, Workspend, Inc.

The impact Ian has had on my career is remarkable. He is always there for me to bounce ideas off, learn from, and strategise with. He is an incredible marketing and communication talent, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn and work with him.

Ian is truly passionate about his work, and you can clearly see this in all the work that he does. From a mentor perspective, he knows how to build relationships and connect with you personally and professionally to work towards building your career to the best of its ability. He has been a very positive influence on my career thus far, and I look forward too many more years of working with him.

Dan Woodstock

Senior Field Sales Marketing Manager

Ian has an unbelievable amount of energy and appetite to drive success. With that enthusiasm he encourages people and his personality is truly infectious. Colleagues can’t help but be inspired to work harder when they are around him.

He is a visionary and inspirational, his knowledge of the industry and understanding of future trends and themes is a treat to be around. All too often we look at the past or short term planning – Ian is truly forward thinking and seems to predict trends way before others have caught on. Not only does he see them but he tries to make you part of where he sees the industry heading, with an uncanny level of accuracy of these premonitions.

George Pischinas

Sales Operations, F5

Ian is an excellent influence ! He is always very proactive analysing all the what-if scenarios with thoughts ” outside the box”. Ian has helped me significantly with my presentation skills, for which he has developed a whole workshop, which he carried out within Canon EMEA.

Every single slide of this presentation was well studied and really effective for actual presentations in a business environment. Thank you Ian !!!

Kenth Borchardt

Business Development Consultant, NT-Ware, GmbH

Ian is one of the most skilled marketing professional and strategy experts I’ve ever met. He is able to see and identify trends, opportunities and were the market is heading long before other professionals and in addition he has the unique skill to transform that into a value for both the customers and the suppliers.

I’ve know Ian for five years and during those years I have always been able to trust and rely on his knowledge, help and support. I can highly recommend him.

Jeroen Wijnants

Regional Sales Manager, Canon Europe Ltd

Ian is an incredible strategist, entrepreneur, writer, innovator and mentor. Ian provided me with great insight on multiple projects supporting me to craft impactful stories for external C-suite audiences of Canon Europe.

He was always willing to give up his time, to provide straightforward and valuable feedback which consistently helped me to deliver relevant and enticing messages to drive my objectives. On top of that he is pleasure to work with and be around.

Some testimonials were too long hand have been shortened to fit. Personal quotes for Ian have been included from his linkedin, which you can find here


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