#1. Main headline and a supportive headline

Get Sales Growth, Not Useless Leads

Email and LinkedIn Outreach Flip Flopping? It’s Not You, It’s The System

#2. Pain they can’t live with and proof!

Face Facts:

How many blind emails and LinkedIn pitches do you respond to monthly?

One, Three …None?

Spray-and-pray marketing outreach does not build reliable sales pipelines. If that’s what you’re being told, someone is telling a porky pie!  Average response rates are between 1-3% (google it!)

Even when someone clicks on a website link or enters their contact details, it doesn’t guarantee results—only lost time chasing down half-chances (and I’m an optimist!).

#3. Pain Resolution / USP Proposition

There's a better way.

Invest in a strategy and growth action plan that gets results by building reliable business opportunities. It’s harder and more painful, but it delivers better outcomes!

Our approach is based on a deep market study and a proven growth toolset, not generic tactics.

#4. Showcase Expertise

Ian Tomlin image

We help businesses ditch the sales funnel fallacy and build a growth plan that works

My name is Ian Tomlin, and I run the niche management consultancy, Tomlin&Co., specialising in business growth strategy; it’s a family business I share with my daughter (Erica) and son (Mason).   And, in my time, I’ve written a few popular books!



We make it our job to find your secret sauce, help you communicate that value, put it in front of your buying audience, and solve the thorny problem of how to get customers to want what you buy.

We’ve done this challenging job many times for successful businesses that have found themselves where you are now: high on customer value but low on sales leads!


#5. Social Proof


Hear From Our Customers And Partners

David Turner, Managing Partner, Helix Financial Partners

Ian has been pivotal in helping us strategise and develop our marketing plan.  We have found Ian to be energetic, extremely knowledgeable, and fully engaged in helping us to clearly define our vision and goals to drive the business forward.  Unlike other digital marketing companies we spoke to previously, Ian and his team constantly think outside of the box and have delivered solutions that will help us to stand out from our competitors in the industry.  Would happily recommend Newton Day!”

Bilal Itani, Founder & CEO, Modular 3D

We need to work with people who are passionate. We really like that Ian goes above and beyond to put himself in our shoes to really understand our needs.  He gives us a lot more motivation to work on our marketing.

Marc Laporte, Founder & CEO, Evoludata

I like the fact that Ian understands our world. A lot of the time he was saying what I was thinking but in a much better way. Working with Ian, it takes you out of your comfort zone, and helps you to think about things in a different way.

Michael Chambers, Chairman, AnswerPay

Our USP started out as our technology.  Now, thanks to Tomlin&CO,  it’s our presence in the industry. 

#6. A reinforcement statement

Don't just hope for sales success. Build it.

Book a 3-Part Growth Planning Intervention led by Ian C. Tomlin, growth engineering expert and author of bestselling business books like “Forget Funnels, Build Bridges” and “The Business Bible 2.0,” this intensive program equips you with the tools to achieve growth success!

#7. A closing argument

Your Secret Sauce

So, what are you missing from your marketing?  What is the gem of knowledge you are missing?  It’s this:

Hot brands like GYMSHARK, Pelaton, Soho House, Lego, Patagonia, Dove, Aloe Yoga, and Lush know something you don’t.

They’ve gained a leadership position in their markets by winning their personal battles for the communities that drive their revenues through 3 Bridges of Value: Functional, Trust and Goodwill.

And you can too …you just need to know how!


#8. Call to Action

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