Change Catalyst Program

Make the next org change your last.

If you are missing out on growth through shortcomings in your people culture, systems and data, or policies and processes.
Our Catalyst for Change program is for you.

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“Ian’s uncanny art of teasing out the “Real Issues” and “Future Requirements” along with his focus on exceeding the project expectations and driving results through previously unthought of valuable outcomes is a joy to witness.”

Sid (Soteris) Vasili, CEO, Vasili Advisory

“His great strength is quickly learning and embedding himself in the subject matter to which he is applied, and working tirelessly to uncover the right approach.

Michael Cleavely, Co-Comply Ltd

Not all organisational change is good.

Advantage comes from designing a business for constant change not just changing a business.

COVID-19 favoured agile organisations, while inflexible ones struggled. Organisational change is now inevitable due to rapidly evolving customer demands, markets, regulations, and technology. This prompts business model changes and the need for new skills.

Even in stagnant markets, embracing new methods yields quick wins. Change is disruptive, resource-intensive, and costly.

The key is to design your business for constant change, creating an agile enterprise. Our Catalyst for Growth program facilitates swift decisions to future-proof your business instead of disrupting it now..

“Institutionally, the ability to be agile enough is the gut issue in leading an organisation today.”

James McNerney, ex-Chairman of Boeing

Make change a good thing.

Catalyst for Change is an integrated organisational change program that uniquely combines strategic planning, organisational design, and change management into a single cohesive approach.

This formulaic process is specifically designed to minimise the strain on corporate resources while achieving swift wins and accelerated results in a short timeframe.

The net result is a consulting framework that delivers a once-and-for-all organisational change.  Furthermore, with Tomlin&Co., unlike our larger rivals, you can rest assured that your project will be led by senior consultants possessing decades of change management experience, not juniors fresh out of college.

Business Strategy

Covering all the bases.

Transformation Plan & Org. Design

Aligning with you business strategy.

Action Plan

A plan your team can buy into and act on.

How it works:

The Workshops:

1. Business Strategy Workshop (2 hrs)

The purpose of this exercise is to formalise the business strategy of the organisation, formalise executive portfolios, accountability and responsibility. In this facilitated face-to-face workshop, we will debate and build consensus and debate the critical building blocks of your transformation agenda and organisational design.

2. Design and Planning Workshop (2 hrs)

Having formalised the business strategy, in this workshop we turn our attention to the design of your agile organisation, and the exercise of mapping out the necessary transformational change. We walk around the building blocks of success needed to turn your ambition for an agile organisational design into reality.

3. Action Planning Workshop (2 hrs)

In this final workshop, we finalise the change program strategy and consider the outreach campaign needed to build inclusion and ‘buy-in’–setting out a 90-day plan.


From three interventions, we will produce the following assets:

  • A one-page business strategy
  • A clearly articulated transformation agenda
  • An agile organisational design
  • Action plan


From the workshops, you will have created:

  • One-page business strategy
  • A transformation agenda  
  • Stakeholder engagement tools and presentations
  • A clearly deliverable 90-day action plan
  • Inspiring materials to boost team performance

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