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Your buying audience is looking for innovation… but on their terms.

You want to attract your buying audience to intimate events; an opportunity to engage in conversations that lead to sales opportunities.  You want Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) of authority speaking on topics that resonate with your audience.  Great speakers, informed debates, and awesome experiences.

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The challenge

Marketing has changed dramatically in the last 12-months. What worked in 2022 does not work in 2023, and will not work in 2024!  We know this because so many marketing experts and clients alike have confirmed these tactics didn’t work in 2023! 

Bring new data privacy regulations, changing B2B buying behaviours and ChatGPT together and you have a perfect storm for marketers. It’s no longer useful to adopt spray and hope marketing methods.  Instead, buyers want to serve themselves online as often as possible.  This change results in:

Lower CTA results

Buyers are less willing to click on call-to-action triggers.


Less access

It’s becoming much hard to reach your target buying audience without gifting value to the community of interest they operate within.

Demand beats supply

As Bill Gates puts it, “The problem these days is people don’t know how to want the things we make.”  You need to sell problems not solutions to succeed.

The New Rules of Marketing

The modern role of marketing is to win in the battle for communities.

More sales happen when you are part of the community you serve.

These days, before you can pitch, you need authority and buyer permission to act.

This comes from building community credentials and trust.

You attract audience by bringing ‘seekers and solvers’ together around knowledge.

Ask yourself:

#1.  Are you fully leveraging your communities of interest?

#2.  Do know the size of your passive, active and actionable audiences?

#3.  Do you have a strategy to WIN in the battle for communities?

Audience profiling
The new marketing pipeline

The new marketing pipeline

The solution

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We offer a turnkey end-to-end service for provisioning SBE-led events on your behalf – to build your customer audience, or scale your partner channel!  Our Co.Event team is made up of experienced partner and event marketing practitioners.  Whether it’s about organising speakers, growing attendance, coordinating the buyer journey, or facilitating discussions… we’re on it.  We also have access to a sizeable community of top Subject Matter Expert speakers and presenters.   These are people with experience and authority that know what they’re talking about because they’ve walked the walk.   We supply the necessary blend of skills and services to coordinate your SME events as a fully managed and outsourced service. 

'Fill the seats' marketing

SME experts on tap

Event management

Why do you need Co.Event?

You know that subject-matter expert events are a big draw for your audience, but the last thing you need on your plate is to organise them.  Events can become a distraction for sales teams whose job it is to close deals, not drive response traffic to an event.  With Co.Event, your sales team and executives get to focus on their day job, while we focus on creating new opportunities to make conversation with your audience.  Our service is a blend of marketing campaign know-how, event management and a remarkably rich address book filled with the names of entertaining and informative speakers.

The benefits


Avoid the distraction of SME events on your internal sales and marketing team


Leverage our SME network of speakers to develop  brand authority by association


Leave everything to us to make your event a success!


Draw in new sales opportunities to build your pipeline

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