Experience Catalyst Program

Experiences shape brands, not the other way around.

What does your customer / workforce / partner / supplier / shareholder / community experience say about you?

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“I’ve know Ian for five years and during those years I have always been able to trust and rely on his knowledge, help and support. I can highly recommend him.”

Kenth Bordchardt, Snr. Consultant, NTWare GmbH

Ian is truly passionate about his work, and you can clearly see this in all the work that he does.

Paige Brach, Head of Learning, Workspend, Inc.

Why you need positive disruption

“The problem with people today is they don’t know how to want the products we make.” Bill Gates.


The state of competition today is framed around an ability to deliver experiences, not gimmicks.

No matter your product or service, matching it with a fitting customer experience is vital for success. Beyond customers, workers, shareholders, partners, and suppliers should also benefit from excellent experiences.

Crafting such experiences goes beyond simple manufacturing. Cultivating a positive experience culture demands aligned core values.

Our Experience Catalyst program facilitates building a platform for exceptional experiences. It guides you through decisions and actions to diagnose the present, engage audiences, foster safe innovation, change perceptions, devise plans, measure progress, and shape future success.

Win hearts, shape experiences

Looking to empower your experience?

At Tomlin & Co., we have developed consulting frameworks that reliably deliver the best results in the shortest possible time; all while making the smallest impact on business as usual.

Drawing on 20+ years of consulting experience, we have helped hundreds of organisations to improve their business performance by shaping experiences that leave a positive impression.  

Catalyst for Experience represents the kernel of strategic thinking and planning that frames experiential improvements to your business.  This program is normally supplemented with additional work packets to incorporate insight capture and discovery, diagnosis,  maturity assessment, mirror feedback (to executive teams), inclusion workshops, team leadership workshops and other activities.


Business Strategy

We examine and tune your business strategy to accommodate experiential outcomes.

Experiential Planning

We create an experiential change plan that aligns with your business strategy.

Schedule of Change

We identify a 90 day work plan to make change happen.

How it works:

The Workshops:

1. Business Strategy Workshop (2 hrs)

The purpose of this exercise is to formalise the customer audience, value and business strategy of the organisation. In this facilitated face-to-face workshop, we will debate priorities, stakeholder needs, and debate the critical building blocks of experiential a desirable strategy.

2. Experiential Planning Workshop (2 hrs)

Having agreed the adapted business strategy, in this workshop we turn our attention to the change needed and how to make it happen. 

3. 90-day Planning Workshop (2 hrs)

In this final workshop, we set out a plan for success and agree timetables, resourcing, leadership, etc.


From three interventions, we will produce the following assets:

  • A one-page business strategy
  • A clearly articulated experiential change plan
  • Maturity assessment 
  • 90-day plan
  • (optional) Mirror report
  • (optional) Insights report

From the workshops, you will have created:

  • A business strategy framed to include experiential outcomes.
  • A transformational plan aligned to your business strategy.
  •  A 90-day action plan.

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