Growth Catalyst Program

You think you need sales leads to drive growth, but you don’t.

If you are looking to gain a beachhead, to scale your business or plan your exit – our Catalyst for Growth program is for you.

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Great stuff everyone was enthused after the workshop this morning.

Andrew Watts, Director, KHWS

Ian is an incredible wonder. His way of thinking and making what is quite frankly a completely different language to us, suddenly make sense, was a huge lightbulb moment for us.”

Adam Stiles, Managing Partner, Helix Financial Partners

Why you need a guide, not a hunter

Modern B2B marketing is about helping customers to adopt behaviours that make them want your product

Counterintuitive as it may sound, we have helped many leaders to success with this reality. They realise that a ‘lead’ in marketing isn’t a ready buyer; it’s a costly process to qualify.

Hiring a lead agency (Plan-A) means paying for more work. A better way (Plan B) is engaging customers with proven value through two-way conversations, though it still requires effort.

Our CATALYST FOR GROWTH program creates a platform for success. It guides rapid decisions to build a bridgehead, scale, or exit with higher value

“Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art.”

William Bernbach (American advertising genius)

Accelerate Your Growth

Build a sustainable growth strategy in 6-weeks!

At Tomlin & Co., we have tools that have been honed throughout years as business consultants. We combine them into a formulaic process to steer business leaders to find the answers they need.

Drawing on 20+ years of consulting experience, we have identified what holds back organisational growth ambitions. While it might appear simple at first glance, a high level of forensic clarity is needed.

Our services involve in-depth analysis and examination of organisational processes, systems, and structures to uncover hidden obstacles and root causes that hinder growth. It involves delving into the intricacies of various aspects, including leadership practices, operational inefficiencies, market dynamics, cultural barriers, and competitive landscapes.

A Business Strategy

That covers all the bases.

A Marketing Plan

That aligns with you business strategy.

A Go-To-Market Plan

That your leadership team can buy into.

A Campaign Plan

Clearly deliverable in 90 days.

How it works:

The Workshops:

1. Business Strategy Workshop (2 hr)

The purpose of this exercise is to formalise the customer audience, value and business strategy of the organisation. In this facilitated face-to-face workshop, we will debate and build consensus and debate the critical building blocks of customer value and growth strategy.

2. Marketing Strategy Workshop (1.5 hr)

Having agreed the customer value and business strategy, in this workshop we turn to the design of the marketing engine needed to maximise your growth opportunity. We examine the ideal designed behaviour of the target audience and walk around the building blocks of success needed to turn strategy into action.

3. Go to Market / Engagement Planning Workshop (1 hr)

In this final workshop, we finalise the marketing strategy and consider the outreach campaign agenda needed to win customers and foster positive growth habits.


From three interventions, we will produce the following assets:

  • A one-page business strategy
  • A clearly articulated set of productised propositions
  • Audience definition
  • A series of conversational paths
  • Campaign plan (including concepts of gift reward method and engagement tools)


From the workshops, you will have created:

  • A business strategy
  • A marketing plan aligned to your business strategy.
  •  A go-to-market / engagement approach that your leadership team can buy into.
  •  A clearly deliverable 90-day campaign plan.

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