Want to sell more?  Adding salespeople won’t cut it today.

The “Classic Sales” approach doesn’t work. Customers are more informed and have higher expectations. Expanding sales teams does not yield the desired outcomes. Salespeople make a LinkedIn connection request, and it turns into a handshake. Sales results come from building curiosity through online conversations converting relationship ties into prospects.

The challenge

Business people today connect via LinkedIn, but it’s a social site, not a CRM.  You cannot expect your prospect audience to respond well to sales outreach when people today don’t want to be sold to.  They want to retain control over who they speak to, and when.

Traditional volume marketing techniques generate low sales lead volumes

Spamming contacts does not motivate prospects to act when they expect to find and use services without having to speak to a salesperson or read a manual


Salespeople find prospects
hard to contact

Other than events and cold calling, salespeople can only reach their target audience via LinkedIn (which a bot can do equally as well)

Low engagement

Prospects are reluctant to click on Call-to-Action prompts because they know it’s likely they will be harassed by salespeople

The solution

To build an effective semi-automated LinkedIn outreach program that amplifies audience, and curiosity within that audience.

Micro Automator

To automate tedious outreach tasks and engage target prospects with relevancy

Connection Requestor

To automate LinkedIn connection requests to large numbers of contacts automatically with one-to-one messages

Relationship manager and messaging app

To turn collaborative LinkedIn connections into contact databases and use template messages to outreach at scale


To identify prospect activity should they act on your call to action, thereby creating a sales opportunity

What is Lazy Marketing?

Lazy marketing is about two things.  Firstly, it’s about thinking through the big questions about your customer audience, the value you bring to customers, and how you project it.  Secondly, it’s about using automation tools to do the legwork for you — so you can concentrate on your core activity of closing deals, and spend less time hiring salespeople that do what bots can do sufficiently well!

The steps

This is how you would typically go about running a lazy marketing campaign using LinkedIn as an outreach platform:

#1 Build a LinkedIn profile that has value to your audience

#2. Find 'events' online that make a sales opportunity

#3. Reach out to the contacts

#4 Organise your new connections in LeadDelta

#5. Market to your new connections with CRM

* Profile pic that is friendly, uncluttered, authoritative, professional,  etc.

* Top-of-page link(s) that are useful

* Headline articles and posts

* Add ‘talks about’ topics

* Write your compelling introduction

* Find any new person starting a new role

* Track any new funding rounds

*Search job alerts, look inside the job description and search keywords

*Find the names of people attending and speaking at events

* Upload lists / search LinkedIn

* Create a campaigns

*Build step workflow


* Tag into marketing persona groups

*Send messages using templates x25 at a time

*Share with Hubspot/CRM

* Create newsletters, email campaigns and landing pages
* Schedule outreach communications
* Track contacts when they click on a CTA
* Notify salespeople
guide to setting up linkedin profile

The benefits


Increase sales opportunities


Cut sales head count and maximise sales effectiveness


Stay in control of your contact db and sales activity


Expand audience


Avoid data privacy non compliance

Pure business adrenaline

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