#1. Main headline and a supportive headline

You're Not Listening!

Unlock the SECRET Customer Desires That Could Make You Millions. 

#2. Pain they can’t live with and proof!

Here's the truth:

You probably don’t know what truly matters to your customers. They withhold crucial information for three reasons:

You never asked. Shocking, right?
Wrong questions. Closed-ended surveys miss the goldmine of valuable insights.
Social pressure. They tell you what they think you want to hear, not the unfiltered truth.

Imagine your competitors offering exactly what your customers CRAVE, stealing your market share and leaving you wondering: “What did I miss?”  Don’t let that be you. 

#3. Pain Resolution / USP Proposition

There's a better way.

As the CEO, you have a golden opportunity to get to the truth of what makes their customer value tick!


#4. Showcase Expertise

Ian Tomlin image

Learn How to Dominate Your Market and Discover the Hidden Customer Issues Killing Your Valuation


I’m Ian Tomlin, CEO of the strategy consulting business Tomlin &Co. I’ve helped CEOs like you uncover hidden customer desires and transform businesses into multi-million dollar successes.

Here’s my secret:  Direct customer conversations. I take you behind the scenes to meet your ideal customers and witness them candidly reveal what truly drives their decisions. (They’ll tell me things they wouldn’t dream of telling you!). Unbelievable, right?!

This one-day immersion unlocks a treasure trove of insights:
#1. Unmask hidden customer desires: Discover the emotional triggers that motivate buying decisions.
#2.Maximize value proposition: Craft an irresistible offer that speaks directly to their needs.
#3.Leadership strategy: Develop a roadmap to dominate your market by exceeding customer expectations.

#5. Social Proof


Hear From Our Customers And Partners

‘It’s been invaluable in helping me to frame our value and know how to position the business—the best thing I’ve done since I began the business.’


Stuart Tomlinson, Managing Director, Printsoft GmbH

"A uniquely great way to listen and learn from your customers."


Sid Vasili, CEO, Invapay Ltd

"This one-day exercise DOUBLED our sales within a year!"


Nick Lawrie, CEO of NDMC Consulting

"Ian's customer insights were a game-changer. We finally understood our ideal client and our conversion rates skyrocketed!"


CEO, Financial Services Industry

#6. A reinforcement statement

Stop the guessing game and the sleepless nights worrying about what your customers really think.

Uncover the hidden truths that could sabotage your business and unlock the path to explosive growth.

#7. A closing argument

Discover your Secret Sauce!

Don’t Miss This Limited Opportunity to Explode Your Business Growth

This opportunity won’t last forever. Limited spots remain to join the exclusive group of CEOs who leverage the power of customer insights. Don’t miss your chance to gain the ultimate competitive edge in the most remarkably easy way!


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