Organisational Design and Transformation

Programs / Interventions

Building a brand experience New

That goes above and beyond.

Degrees may teach you valuable knowledge, but nothing teaches you to thrive in a corporate culture. Learn how to accelerate your career and improve your working culture with this course.

Building a universal workforceNew

That embraces everyone.

The Catalyst is a collection of workshops, designed to pull your business together. Whether your are a fresh business, or an established one. Our experience has informed these sessions to get your team on track and pulling together towards success.


Here you can find Ian’s books, guides and white papers. Enrich your business knowledge, gain insight into business growth and change management.

Growth Hacks

From aspiring entrepreneurs to corporate executives, our personalised services empower you to make informed decisions, overcome obstacles, and seize lucrative opportunities. Elevate your business, enhance your competitive advantage, and embrace sustainable growth.

Above And Beyond Brand

In this easy-read guide, Ian uncovers the secrets to building a remarkable brand; one that resonates with your audience and sets you apart from your competition. Through practical strategies and real-world examples, learn how to shape a captivating brand identity, tell your story effectively and take your team with you to new hights.