My Story

My business world is like yours, just upside-down.

I’m a neurodivergent entrepreneur, business consultant and marketer and ‘thinking differently’ has been my calling card.  I’ve always been brought in by exec teams to pick a path through complex issues, to solve problems and build inspiring outcomes.   I was born into a business family armed with a curiosity gene.  I’ve helped a bucket of entrepreneurs on their journey to millionaire status and when I’m not speaking and writing I work as an advisor, mentor, inventor and cheerleader to a host of businessmen and women at all levels of progression around the world.

My enthusiasm for life and getting the best from people sparks my passion and lots of ideas. I’ve devoted much of my life to building high-performing teams fulfilled by the work they do.

My only business qualification being that of a trained shoemaker.  My career in leadership coaching and consulting began with a chance event that led him to question his motives and life course. For some reason which I can’t fathom,  my unconventional off-the-wall views on business and leadership have attracted a following of enthusiasts, which I always find humbling.

I am also active in the DE&I arena. In 2023, I founded the Universal Workforce Institute (the UWI), a social enterprise committed to creating greater work and greater tomorrows through a community initiative to share know-how on how to build a more inclusive and high-performing workforce.

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Ian Tomlin is an acknowledged thought-leader in areas of organisational design, culture, digital, market forces, workforce and change with decades of experience. His 12+ published books paint a picture of the obstacles and opportunities businesses face as they grow. Engagements range from hosting roundtables or intimate fireside chats to global audiences of marketers and business leaders.

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Speaking Topics:

  • Finding the Root of Your Why: Channeling Your Life Purpose into Making a Successful Business
  • Sea, River, Stream: How to Discover Your Disruptive Potential
  • The Unintended Consequences of Living With ‘Normal’—Why Teams Remain Broken
  • Growth Hacks—Positive Habits That Will Reinvent Your Marketing Engine
  • Unlocking the Power of Neuroinclusive Workforce 
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